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Get in the robot!

That confused Shinji for a second…until Mitsuru pops in and hits Aki.

I dunno if this joke is already done but HELL YEAH

Definitely needs a panicked Aigis in the shot. Or even better, a completely placid Aigis.

"But he will not fit."

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Shoujo manga

  • Me: Reading like 55 chapters in a row
  • Me: Don't remember a single character's name
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One of my daily motivations XDDDD*Run to study*


One of my daily motivations XDDDD
*Run to study*

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korrmin replied to your post: 1997 was the birth year of my otaku life

1997 was the birth year of me

it’s really cool to see this generation of otaku. social media makes it much easier and accessible to meet fellow fans of the same shows and be able to discuss the shows right after it…


I was from a painfully small town and only had dialup internet when I turned 15. The anime I had was what I got to see on TV… and from buying random VHS tapes at a Suncoast or Best Buy… eventually, I somehow got my hands on a copy of Kinokuniya’s ordering magazine, and would send for various stuff through them.

One of my earliest anime VHS was a copy of Wicked City… which I got as a gif when I was 12. :/